Head and heart of the brand

Hence “MONICA CAMPRI beach couture” was born: 

from the desire to break the traditional space and boundaries that previously defined the world of beachwear, from the desire to create swimwear that is like clothes, because indeed they are. However, the swimsuit is the only garment that does not allow room for error because, instead of covering, it reveals.

Therefore, it must meet 4 fundamental requirements, which are the pillars on which my brand is based.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: It must be the one typical of the Italian tradition, not wanting to give in to mass industrialization.

PERFECT FIT: A few but fundamental centimeters of fabric must dress the wearer in the best possible way.

EXCLUSIVITY: A few exclusive items for likewise few women. We want to make the wearer feel special and unique, just like our swimsuits.

VERSATILITY: Our swimwear adapts to all occasions of the day, from a plunge off a boat to dinner under the stars. Fundamental for those who, while traveling with light luggage, do not want to give up the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Parmesan by birth and Roman by adoption, I have lived for many years in close contact with the artistic world, developing a strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail.

In 2006, following my personal inclinations, I approached the world of beachwear. I gained experience in the field, personally testing exclusive accessories and sculptural fabrics that guaranteed the most flattering fits.


Something changed when I realized an obvious aspect that is often overlooked: when wearing a bathing suit, we show ourselves as in no other occasion, we are exposed and vulnerable. However, no one seems to treat this garment, so small but so important, in the same way as all the other garments. Not those who produce it; nor those who buy it.

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