Our behaviour towards change - Sustainability

We want to promote an idea of refined and conscious luxury based on the philosophy of buying less but better. We want to help eradicate the inelegant and unethical habit of wearing clothes only once or twice, consequently generating enormous waste with just as many environmental implications. We keep some iconic garments in our collection, because we believe that beauty does not have an expiration date and we do the same for basic solid colours. We dissociate ourselves from the disposable “culture” which, behind such low prices, conceals very high costs, also in terms of human lives. We are against compulsive shopping and we want to inspire our customers to build their own style every time, thinking of our swimwear as wardrobe essentials, to be combined in a thousand ways, despite the changing seasons. We think of our swimwear as small precious investments and not fleeting meteors that last the time of a season.


  • 1.
    We create swimsuits that can be combined with each other or with other elements of the wardrobe to give the feeling of having a new garment every time and to counter the desire to buy others in vain.
  • 2.
    We choose to no longer offer free returns. A bold but essential move as an attempt to change the compulsive nature of online shopping.
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    We make part of our manufacturings using what remains of the fabric cut.
  • 4.
    Certain not to compromise its yield, for black, which is the main colour of our collections, we have chosen to use the recycled version of our usual fabric.
  • 5.
    To limit unnecessary waste, we keep warehouse storage levels low by producing our garments in small series or made to order.
  • 6.
    6. The sartorial laboratory we rely on is zero kilometer and we use an electric car for our movements.
  • 7.
    We choose to turn on OEKO_TEX certified suppliers, who ensure that their materials come from eco-conscious facilities with safe human working conditions.
  • 8.
    We donate part of the profits to those who, like us, care about the health of our planet and of those who live there.
  • 9.
    In choosing the packagings of our garments, we opt for those that can be reused in a thousand ways, from the fabric bag to store your garments to the transparent bag perfect as a travel vanity case and more.
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