Wild Elegance

The inspiration for this collection is Africa, which has always been the undisputed muse that captures the senses by sinking its roots in the soul of the beholder. Warm colours, burnt by the sun and yet alive, are the protagonists of a palette that evokes emotions and energies with deep roots. Spicy colours mingle, recalling the African land of intense flavours and enveloping scents. Only exception to our classic solid colours is the python print. Symbol of power and charm, it is balanced by clean and geometric cuts and reinterprets the elegance of a land with an arcane and ancient history. Handmade three-knot fringes evoke the tradition of ceremonial garments of the Maasai people to which they give a new femininity. Reinterpreted through tribal details, elegance becomes both power and delicacy at the same time. Important accessories alternate with clean lines and schematic cuts. For a sensual yet architectural effect.

Secret Dream

The inspiration for this collection is the most intimate of garments, the corset. Far from being an instrument of torture that imprisons a woman’s body, now it embodies the new feminine strength. The swimsuits take on different interpretations depending on the chromatic variety: sensual and elegant in the softest and darkest colours; fresh and gritty in the lightest and brightest colours. The contrast seamed construction that recall the corset boning creates a cage motif with a strong and refined style to which the flat flounce gives a touch of irreverent freshness. The rigour of the slats alternates with romantic ruffles giving a three-dimensional effect. Light layers of tulle create nude effects on the body, celebrating femininity starting from what can’t be seen and what makes undressing an art hovering between hiding and showing. Explosive concentrations of character and femininity, the garments in this collection celebrate the woman’s body in all its forms.


Past and future, classic and modern come together in an elegant, feminine and iconic collection that leaves room for a gentle but decisive sensuality. Fabrics with a sculptural effect and sartorial cuts give life to timeless garments, meanwhile full and intense colours allow to gaze on details and finishes. The sober and clean style acquires personality thanks to the inclusion of refined and bold elements such as laser-cut and embroidered fabric on tulle, pleats with graphic effects and structured bows for a neo-romantic style.

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