About Us


Parmesan by birth and Roman by adoption, I have lived for many years in close contact with the artistic world, developing a strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail.

In 2006, following my personal inclinations, I approached the world of beachwear. I gained experience in the field, personally testing exclusive accessories and sculptural fabrics that guaranteed the most flattering fits.

Something changed when I realized an obvious aspect that is often overlooked: when wearing a bathing suit, we show ourselves as in no other occasion, we are exposed and vulnerable.

However, no one seems to treat this garment, so small but so important, in the same way as all the other garments. Nor those who produce it; nor those who buy it.


Hence “MONICA CAMPRI beach couture” was born:

from the desire to break the traditional space and boundaries that previously defined the world of beachwear, from the desire to create swimwear that is like clothes, because indeed they are.

However the bathing suit is the only garment that does not allow room for error because, instead of covering, it reveals.

Therefore, it must meet 4 fundamental requirements, which are the pillars on which my brand is based.

  • PERFECT FIT: only a few but fundamental centimetres of fabric must dress the wearer in the best possible way.
  • FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP: one of the Italian traditions that does not want to give in to mass industrialization.
  • EXCLUSIVITY: a few exclusive items for likewise few women. What we wear speaks of us, sometimes it is an expression of our personality, other times of our status, or simply an expression of the desire to stand out without exceeding.
  • VERSATILITY: adaptable to all occasions of the day, from a plunge off a boat to dinner under the stars. Fundamental for those who, while traveling with light luggage, do not want to give up the perfect outfit for any occasion.


Our swimsuits are few, limited, exclusive.

By choice, because our swimwear is designed to be loved, lived and kept for many seasons, moving away from the inelegant and unethical practice of fast fashion based on disposable garments.

By necessity, to preserve our high quality standards. Our paper patterns are made up of many elements that, like a puzzle, give life to our swimwear. This involves longer times than those dictated by the frenetic rhythms of disposable fashion, but it translates into that quality and exclusivity that are the basis of all our choices.


It is not enough to write “Made in Italy”, you have to be “Made in Italy”.

Our pieces are “Made In Italy” in every aspect; from fabrics to accessories, from concept to production, ensuring that our traditional craft and heritage lives on.

We firmly believe in the value of the Italian workforce and in the quality guaranteed by a production chain that begins and ends in our territory. For this reason, after having personally realized the drawings and translated them into paper patterns, we entrust them to a small atelier in Rome with which we have established a long lasting relationship of trust.

Local production allows us to be personally involved and monitor every stage of processing, ensuring the control of every single product that comes out with our label.


We want to promote an idea of refined and conscious luxury, based on the philosophy of buying less but better.

We want to help eradicate the inelegant and unethical habit of wearing clothes only once or twice, consequently generating enormous waste with just as many environmental implications.

We keep some iconic garments in our collection, because we believe that beauty has no deadline and we do the same for basic solid colours.

We dissociate ourselves from the disposable culture which, behind such low prices, conceals very high costs, also in terms of human lives.

We are against compulsive shopping and we want to inspire our customers to build their own style every time, thinking of our swimsuits as wardrobe essentials, to be combined in numerous ways, despite the changing seasons.

We think of our bathing suits as precious little investments and not fleeting meteors that last the time of one single season.


We don’t like limits, especially when we create. Creating is freedom, just as free is the woman we are inspired by. A cosmopolitan woman, who does not want to feel constrained in the schemes, as well as in the way she dresses.

A woman who passes seamlessly from work, to private life or to leisure and who does not want to give up being herself and feeling perfect and at ease in every situation. For this reason, when we design our swimsuits, we imagine them worn without difficulty from the sea to the city, from day to night, from the informal occasion to the most important one. Just a pinch of imagination and the right combinations are needed to create, with a few pieces, many different outfits for as many occasions.

All our garments are in fact designed to be used also as clothing for everyday use. Thanks to the tailoring workmanship, the impeccable fit and the quality that distinguishes fabrics and accessories, they can be worn indiscriminately both as bathing suits and as a body.

Designed to make every moment of life lived to the fullest, whether in a hot summer destination or a glamorous party, each piece embodies femininity and elegance.


For our swimsuits we choose only the best Italian fabrics that meet our idea of quality and aesthetics, ensuring exceptional shape retention, resistance to chlorine and protection from UV rays over time.

Even for accessories, we turn to a few but selected suppliers on the national territory who share with us the highest standards of quality, ethics and professionalism.

There is always an element of timelessness to our designs.

We don’t pursue trends, but we create luxury garments and accessories designed to be appreciated over the years.

Thanks to their characteristics of versatility and durability, our garments enjoy more lives.


All orders are shipped in our elegant fabric-finished bag.

A perfect package for a refined gift, which can also be used later as a travel beauty case.


For our swimsuits we use top quality Italian fabrics, with a high percentage of elastic fiber, which embrace the body without constraining it but rather sculpting the figure.

COMPOSITION: 72% polyamide 28% elastane


    Extremely comfortable, thanks to the three-dimensional elasticity and high percentage of elastic fiber, they allow perfect freedom of movement, impeccable fit and maximum shape retention of the garments, even after repeated washing.
    Breathable. Thanks to the open honeycomb weave that promotes air circulation between the fibers, ensuring greater freshness and hygiene.
    Quick drying times, thanks to the extreme fineness and open structure of the fabric weft.
    Filtering of the sun rays to ensure a high protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, also thanks to the use of super-opaque microfibres.
    Ultra-light and ultra-thin, extremely pleasant on the skin.
    Durable and resistant to the corrosive action of chlorine, salt, mold and sunscreens.
    Extremely resistant to rubbing, they avoid the pilling effect, thus maintaining their appearance over time.
    Easy and quick maintenance, with extremely fast drying times, washed by hand (in the case of particularly delicate applications and embroideries) or in the washing machine in all other cases.
    The lightness and reduced thickness make our garments extremely practical, minimizing the overall dimensions in cabinets and suitcases, and avoiding the formation of folds.